My experience regarding Internet security...

Usually hackers don’t target me since I’m poor and don’t have any government secret with me… if I got government secret I willing to share especially our prime minister… argh.!!! so the percentage kena hack is very very very low.

The first case happens when I just enter college year. There is this girl laptop kena hack as well. Some how this girl got this habit taking naked picture of her and keep it. Again rumors said that she keep it to show her boyfriends. Somehow people in my college don’t know who that, able to sneak into her laptop and get all the pictures and share around. Poor girl…. But what to do, cases like this happen all the time (example Hong Kong Edison). This case was on the newspaper. The girl than quit the college after that no one knows what happen. That time I’m still freshy…

But still I did experience some hacking cases in my life. It happen when I was study in college, I don’t want to name it since this case has been totally seal away from public. Our college got this online student portal thing for each students. Every one of us got our own account to log in keep update our schedule, email and college news. Some how people try to be attention whore hack the system and put naked pictures into the system. When ever we log in we see naked pictures of a girl posing all kinds of position… I don’t know who that is but rumors said is one of my college students which her pc kena hack. I never seen this girl in my college before, well I’m not interested to know her. This case some how also similar with the Hong Kong Edison case + some one beh song my college and try to show his skill toward the management. Anyway the college didn’t get to know who the hell hack into the system. I asked one of my lecturer which he also part of the program for the student portal thiggy, he told me that the system is actually can be hack easily and himself know but hehe… I don’t la because he just joins the college less then a year. They temporary shut down the system and some how I’m not sure they got do anything or not and everything back to normal. There is no further explanation from the college or what so ever.

The third one happens to one of my hometown girl. She from rich family… this one lagi ganas, she go take naked picture of herself and with his boyfriends and than some how in between don’t know what happen… the picture all around the internet. Rumors said her boyfriend show off around his friend than his friend go share around. I even heard that there is VCD version selling… don’t know la never go check out. Doesn’t sound like computer hacking but is part of the personal security, anything that is in digital format you should aware of it. You keep it you on your own risk don’t blame others of your gatalness. This is the new age, everything digital and the moment you connect to the internet is no longer safe. There are hardcore hacker around you may never know… even a nerd, geek, noob face can be hardcore hacker behind the computer… beware…

Well the above story may not sound like I kena hack but other people. Well I hope after I post this people don’t actually go hack me ya… pls laa… I hope someone can actually hack Malaysian Prime Minister Account…

But there are a some tips that people to teach me well at least is better than nothing, try to install a reliable antivirus like Norton Antivirus, Trend Micro, Kaspersky, AVG, NOD32 and such… but I personally prefer using Kaspersky but only for awhile than I switch to AVG. The reason is easy, AVG PROVIDE FREE ANTIVIRUS. My company’s computer all using AVG internet security. But my vote still goes to Kaspersky for now.

Other than that, your firewall is also playing an important role, all windows XP and Vista provide firewall security for users. Is better you turn it on unless you install firewall program. The one that most people recommended me is ZoneAlarm. Is one of the recommended firewall by experts (not me of cause). What firewall does is it will alert users if any incoming ip in and out. So users need to set which one allows and which one not. I try that before for the free version. But I think is a bit frustrated when ever the pop up asking me whether allow the ip address or not and such. End of the day, after I format my pc I lazy want to install back… so stick to the windows firewall. Is not the best solution but at least better than nothing.

The anti spyware software I recommended to install will be the Ad-aware software. Is an awarded Anti Spyware software. You can download it free from their website. It helps to protect your pc from cookies, Trojans, worms and unknown tracking thingy. Update it and scan once in a while. I highly recommend this one.

Another thing is that try not to surf any porn, crack or weird website because you never know what cookies, tracking thing hide into your pc. You might get Trojan as well. For those hardcore torrents kaki also same case to you… I stop torrent for a long long time… only need it when matter the most.

I think now a day’s computer usually kena hack from internet through email, cookies, tracking, Trojan, worms and such. Try to update your antivirus software once in a while. Conclusion, for normal internet users like me, I think the best way is to install an Antivirus any brand, an Ad-aware software from Lavasoft and always on your firewall. Avoid download pirate software and other stuff from the torrents, you never know what behind it. My combo protections are AVG free edition + Ad-aware + windows firewall. I’m cheap and I got no money for better security…

Below is some of the usefull link to check out.

Some of you use a lot internet transaction; I use Maybank online all the time to do my online payment for rental, phone bill, PTPTN and such. Maybank I think is one of the most common and many people using it. For me I got no problem with Maybank and I hope there will be no problem at all (touch wood). Just remember to clear your cookies, delete all the online data from your internet browser when you logout.

I usually don’t like online transaction and I don’t really trust them. But it doesn’t seem that I got better option beside that, so far no problem with that. And I did use my sis credit card bought Command and Conquer Tiberium War online from TSB (The Software Boutique) before when it first came out. Great experience and got no problem at all. Beside that I bought myself a domain name and hosting plan from using Maybank online transaction. Everything was fast and they active my domain and hosting within a day. Good effort!!! Good!!! Services!!! They reply all my email within hours too. Do check out my website at

OOO ya there also bunch of computer hacking movie you can refer… the best goes to Die Hard 4 for me lah. It may sound silly but I just love they way it is. How the hell a bunch of people go hack the entire American system… MAD… But for sure this will never happen in Malaysia… cause TMnet is just too bloody slow… and sometime down… sure all hacker potong stim when hack half way… beside that Malaysia just not up to date, I heard even Cyberjaya not everywhere got internet access from TMnet… hohoho “cyber”~jaya konon…. I think people in Malaysia would rather aim our government bank account than mess up the Malaysia system especially now the petrol price hikes.

Beside Die Hard 4, there is this movie title Firewall starting Harrison Ford from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. He is the chief security system some thing like that in one of the bank. The bank kena target by a group of bad guys who try to steal the bank account. When the bad guys realize that they cannot access the server inside the bank cause all servers not link to outside. So the bad guys threaten him to come out a solution. So he use his daughter iPod and his fax scanner machine and modify into a device that can read data on the screen and use OCR software (Optical character recognition software) to convert the image file into machine-editable text. You might ask why don’t use camera? Well the the scanner can scan thing faster than camera snapping… iPod Rulez!!! So hope I can win this and I promise I won’t use it like what Harrison Ford did in the movie… I promise….

A list of computer hacking movie:

Italian job
  • (Hack the traffic system and fully control the traffic)

Mission Impossible
  • Hack FBI computer retrieve secret agent name list

Die Hard 4

  • Hack everything… control everything with computer…THIS IS MADNESS!!!


  • Hack satellite, ip address and so much more.. catch no ballz


  • Hack into national security…

Ocean Eleven

  • Hack the security camera so that they can do their thang…


  • Bank security, using modify iPod + scanner hack and download account data from server

Independence Day

  • Small part, send virus to alien spaceship weird… human programming language is universal language… I think we talk to alien with Java and C++ since our computer can talk with their computer.

Matrix series

  • Hack into matrix…god knows what they trying to do…looking at green text full in screen up and down is hardcore… and to understand what it say is totally crazy… but to read and understand the green text plenty of monitor is beyond MADNESS!!!

Check out here too Complimentary Workshop on Cybersecurity for more in dept hacking tips and more...


DIY Camera Backpack

Well is not totally DIY at least the bag itself I bought few months back ^^. So let me show you the tools and materials that I use for this project...

Now let me show you the result. Using the Polystyrene previously given when I bought my dad computer. I cut into half and stick them together to make it like this.

Then the inside part I put a layer of bubble wrap and then use the and make a shape to hold the camera still like this. For the final part I wrap again the entire Polystyrene with bubble wrap to avoid any impact to my camera.

At the bottom I make another cushion using bubble wrap and put some paper in it. This is to avoid impact from bottom.

And this is the result.... It fit into my backpack with no problem...

This design is just for temporally use with only carry one camera body with lens... if you happen to carry a lot lenses with you then this is not for you. But you can always modify to carry more lens... for now I only got one lens which is 18-55mm. Thanks for reading it ^^


Freebie from Canon...

My new camera bag... freebie when I bought my Canon 400D. So for a little review, this camera definitely look same like the Crumpler Six Million Dollar bag which cost quite something... from what I heard. When I first saw the bag when the hand to me... I was a bit SHOCK!! IS VERY RED!!! Well is free so took it anyway.

The size of this bag is quite ok for a beginner like me... cause I don't have extra cash to buy lenses...

It can fit 1 camera body and 2 lenses, a flash and some other small accessories like card reader battery...etc...

Look at the Crumpler Six Million Dollar design... look exactly the same like mine...??? They give me pirated version? or OEM version from Crumpler for Canon? Canon copycat? hmm... I don't know and I don't really care haha cause is freebie anyway...
Plan to get a camera backpack to carry around and use this as secondary.


Canon 400D

Recently people around me poison me with DSLR camera... which is cool and something I wanted after using 4 years of Nikon Coolpix 3200. Well You can't compare normal digital camera and DSLR camera... the size of the camera already tell you HOW POWER IT IS A DSLR CAMERA compare a small tiny peanut digital camera.

Let me introduce you guys my Canon 400D...

I been research a lot about DSLR camera just to get the budget and best for noob like me. Canon 400D is a upgrade and improve version of Canon 350D. And recently Canon launch a new 450D which is out of my budget.

Let me tell you the different between a DSLR camera and normal digital camera. A DSLR camera let you fully control the image quality you want and it take some time to master it. Most of the DSLR using view finder not like digital camera which using the LCD to aim and shot. But recently this LCD aim and shot method already apply into DSLR as well. But so far this technology only causing the camera focus slower if you using the live view (live view = LCD thinggy ). For DSLR you can set the aperture, white balance, exposure and shutter speed and many more to make it more alive quality for your picture. For those who think why need something big and heavy? compact also can lah!!! YOU ARE WRONG!!! For some reason a compact camera quality and color look flat.

There are soooooo many stuff you can do with a good DSLR camera to take a picture. You can do macro, tele, wide angle, polarizer effect, fish eye and many more. Each of the effect might require to buy some expensive lens to support. For me as a beginner I will stick to my standard 18-55mm kit lens since I still catch no ball....

In my case, reason for me to buy this camera is to help me take some nice picture while I travel. Plus posting nice picture in blog. A blog without picture sometimes I found it quite bored.... So for me buying this camera is a good investment. There are many brand in this market for DSLR camera like nikon, canon, olympus, sony and such... there all good camera is just depend what kind of features you look into and budget... for me is always budget... cause I'm poor....

By the way, canon offer a lot of good support and services for their customers as well. Recently they even offer a site that allow canon user to sell their photo online to make money which is cool for those who want to earn some extra income.

For more details about Canon 400D visit

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Check out

Hi all, as you all know this is my first post and review about a new comer online buying and selling kind of buying and selling portal like ebay and lelong.

Recently this website service hit all the advertisement in mostly all local website forum and such. So I would like to take the opportunity to check out and rate it out.

From the first page obviously telling us that this is for local Malaysian citizen only kind of service. It came out a very systematic concept which divide into region for users buying and selling in their region and of cause this is INTERNET everyone can buy and sell to each other no matter where they are. This is easy for Malaysian. Well if you are Malaysian there is no reason for me to explain what is "Mudah" means, for foreign
countries.... "Mudah" means easy in Malay language. Yup thats right!! the website site is meant to be easy to buy and sell. Not only that!!! It also easy to surf.

Categories with thumbnail picture

Unlike the ebay or lelong, interface quite empty compare to others while it only show what is necessary features and function for the users... Thats why is mudah for you and me.

Come with easy contact with seller through messaging features

This is one easy website for buyers directly send message for the seller for further information . To help the seller sell their goodies, the website provide features like forward friends with email and adding favorite ads toward the item into wish list. Is a very good concept helping seller promote their goodies while they don't have to worry that much.

For the conclusion, I rate this website a 7/10 as a Malaysian because is easy for local buying and selling. As for outside countries... I don't think you will all dig it since the info quite limited and all currency using Ringgit Malaysia. Unless you directly deal with the seller through email and such. Most of the time I look through the website to check the latest price and compare with the market price

For addition info, is a brainchild of 701Search Sdn Bhd.

This review is brought to you by and!